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  • Nightjar - Austin IR Event Nov
  • 11/Nov/2017
  • Nightjar Rally

    18th Nov - Old Basing

    The Nightjar is a unique event in the Inter-Register calendar as it takes place after dark.

    A navigation scatter run in which you navigate to your choice of several parking locations where you leave your car and follow a set of instructions to find the "bird" clues.

    Challenging but fun. Range of classes and awards including for Beginners & Novices.


    Oranised by the North Hants Austin Enthusisast Goup on behalf of ATDC currently this is the only Austin event in the Inter-Register calendar. 

    Forty Two

    The event this year will be the 42nd Nightjar

    Post-Event Pictures

    A few pictures are at Events / Past Events / Nightjar 2017


    • Inter-Register Event - Crossley Treaure Hunt - N Yorks
    • Austin entries sought for Treasure Hunt in North Yorks
    • Spares Closed for Holidays - Jul 30 to Aug 3rd & 20 -28 Aug
    • Spares closed - End July and again late Aug