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  • Prepare to Drive in the EU after Brexit
  • 01/Apr/2019
  • Driving in the EU after Brexit

    In the event of a Brexit without a formal deal the UK government has advised motorists planning to travel abroad after 29th March / 12th April / 22 May / 31 October to seek advice from the Gov.UK website.

    Official Advice

    Our summary of the advice given by Gov.UK is:

    • We don’t know
    • Your guess is as good as ours
    • Anything might happen so be prepared

    Dont Panic

    Based on the official recommendations in the link above and on the recommendations of the FBHVC in the link below, together with personal recollections of visits to Europe before 1973 and of driving in other parts of the world, the following suggestions are made as to planning for taking your Austin abroad:-

    Documents to Take

    Vehicle Registration (V5) – and if you are not the registered keeper a document stating that you have permission to use the vehicle abroad
    MoT certificate or other evidence of roadworthiness
    Carnet de Passage en Douanes (CPD) – this document ensures you are not charged import duty on the vehicle on entry , which may otherwise be demanded.
    Green Card Insurance – to confirm the vehicle policy covers the countries visited
    Blank Accident Description form – useful in UK too. Claims may have to be pursued locally as UK agents will no longer be able to deal within the EU 
    Health Insurance – EU card will no longer be valid, and in any case only gives minimal cover appropriate to each country (even with an EU Healthcard you have to pay the GP in most countries)
    Driving Licence and/or International Driving Permit (IDP) – it is not known if UK driving licences will remain recognised even in countries where the old paper UK licences were recognised prior to the UK joining the EU
    Bail Bonds (Spain) – Required under Franco but probably won't be again as Spanish police no longer arrest everyone at the site of a road accident
    Return Ferry Tickets – as evidence that not intending to overstay your welcome and become an immigrant

    It may be useful to carry translations of the contents of some of the above documents.

    On Car

    GB plate, Headlight dipped beam deflectors, ATDC badge. If your headlighs do not dip to the left as in modern designs but straight down you may be able to argue that you are not dazzling oncoming traffic but do not bet on it.

    Legally Required In-Car items

    Warning Triangle, First Aid Kit, Spare light bulbs,
    Yellow Vests for driver and all passengers – recommend only wear when break down so as to avoid risk of being assaulted by water cannon or baton rounds
    Two approved pattern breathalysers (France)

    Other Issues

    Take an up-to-date map or satnav – they do build new roads on the continent, and in France the old Routes National have mostly been renumbered as Departmental roads when they are replaced as trunk routes by payage autoroutes.
    Roaming charges for mobile phones may revert to the previous higher rates if the EU directive on harmonised rates no longer applies to UK-based users. Alternatively use traditional means of communication such as payphones. Credit and debit card charges and exchange rates may become exploitative, so ensure you have plenty of Euro notes. It is not recommended that you slip these into your travel documents as discouragement of victimisation by EU officials and police. Euro coins for parking meters.

    Note: the petrol ration coupons in the picture are not necessary for refuelling overseas.   

    FBHVC Guide

    The Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) has also issued guidance, see link to document, below.


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