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  • Spares Closed for Holiday - 25th Oct to 4th Nov
  • 04/Nov/2019
  • Spares & Regalia Closed for Holiday

    25th October to 4th November

    As announced in the October magazine ATDC Spare Parts and Regalia services will be closed for a short break from Friday 25th October to Monday 4th November.


    Orders will still be taken online, and payments made, during this break but orders will not be made up and sent out until re-opening.


    The phone will be directed to recording incoming calls. Please avoid phoning with questions during these periods to avoid overloading the message system. 

    On return dates priority will be given to making up and despatchinig orders received during the closed period.

    Technical Support

    If you are uncertain as to what parts are applicable to your car and need advice please call the Club's Techncial Advisor using the contact details in the magazine or online at

    • Spares Closed for Holiday - 25th Oct to 4th Nov
    • Spares closed - 25 Oct -04 Nov