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  • Ultra Low Emission Zones - London loophole
  • 01/Apr/2017

    Ultra-Low-Emission Zones and Historic Vehicles


    With increasing numbers of towns across Europe, including in the UK, adopting ultra-low-emission zones banning virtually all internal-combustion engine vehicles from roads in central areas historic vehicle owners living within those areas have been seeking ways to get around the new laws.


    A group in London – the Chelsea Historic Age Vehicle Society – has discovered a legal loophole they can use to continue to drive their old autos in and out of the low emission zone in which they live.  Apparently residents of Chelsea have an historic right to drive their carriages on the footways of the parish.  This enables them to drive on the pavements until they get to the western edge of the zone.


    However, they expect that this right will be contested up to the Supreme Court by the Mayor of London and so are seeking donations from other historic vehicle owners to assist them in their coming legal battle.


    Anyone wishing to help should contact them at 




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