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1) If you have previously had an account using the same email address, and have lapsed, or are trying to renew your membership please telephone Membership Services on 0345 222 5612 to rejoin, DO NOT use the form below to renew.

2) You will automatically be assigned a regional meeting location based on your postcode (if in the UK), you can change this from within your profile once you are a member.

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Membership Type

1st Member

The 1st member is responsible for subscription payments as well as being the recipient address for the club magazine.

Without an email you will not be able to receive online communications or access the website members area.

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Under GDPR the 2nd member must complete and tick any consent boxes themselves. If you are filling this in on behalf of someone else, please leave the consent boxes blank, and type your name in both digital signature boxes.

2nd Member

Without an email you will not be able to receive online communications or access the website members area.

Please do not tick the boxes below on behalf of someone else

Personal Data, Membership Lists & ATDC Breakdown Register

The Club holds personal details of members for the purposes of administering the Club and providing goods, services and member benefits to members of the Club. Details of the types, reason and purpose for holding data are shown in the Clubs Privacy Policy.

Members may update their details at any time on-line or by contacting Membership Services.

To assist members in finding like minded individuals with shared interests, membership lists are published from time to time within the Club. These lists will normally only show name, County, contact telephone number and email address. Some lists may detail cars owned. These details are only shown with the consent of the individual and are not intended for commercial use.

The Club Breakdown Register is a valuable assistance to members. It shows those members willing to assist other members who breakdown in their locality. This may mean anything from a tow, a safe haven while repairs are undertaken, help with technical advice, spares or even local knowledge. It is not a prerequisite that participants are able to fulfill all or any part of the above, sometimes contact with a friendly local member can be sufficient.

If you wish to provide assistance or comfort to another member in your area under the 'Breakdown Register' you will need to consent to the publication to other members of your address and contact details, such as phone or mobile number.

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