Board Minutes

09 April 2021

ATDC Board Meeting 

It is Club policy that proceedings of the management committee (The Board) should be open to members. A summary of board plans and activity is provided in the magazine, items from the March meeting appeared in the April magazine, and the formal record is available in the minutes published online in the members area

Board Minutes 56/07

The minutes of the board meeting 56/7 held online on Thursday 4th March 2021 are now available to read or download within the members area under Meeting Documents / Board Meetings

Formal Record

These minutes have been approved as an accurate record by the board at their online meeting on Thursday 8th April and released for publication

Board Minutes
Minutes of the 4th March meeting are now available…

RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance
RH Specialist Insurer - Spring Competition The pro…

Spares new member of staff
A new member of staff for the Spares department.