• Austin 10 Cambridge I have a pair headlamps and bumpers for a 10 Cambridge that have been rechromed. The reflectors has be resilvered Lamps need put together. Open to a sensible offer if anyone needs them. 07723018061
  • Austin 10 Reg ENO 266 Does anybody know the where about of this 1937 A 10 Tourer. It was last noted in 1997 and I cannot trace it now. I would love to see it again as I owned it in London in 1965/66.
  • Parts for sale/collection Hi, I have a few boxes of 10 parts of which really need to not be in the barn by the end of the week! Front grill, radiator, leaf springs, axel parts and loads more 10 things! I can email photos o...MORE
  • Rattling Goodwood My Goodwood rattles when going up hill, which I now believe to be pinking. I've been advised to use a lead substitute or a higher octane fuel,but would retarding the ignition by a degree or two work a...MORE
  • Oil Pressure The oil pressure on my Ten hovers around 21psi when running at normal revs (say 35mph in top gear). When the engine is thoroughly warm it maintains about the same pressure, but drops to around 10psi ...MORE
  • Wheel Bearings I have just been going over my Austin Ten with a view to safety checking. The OS front wheel spins silently and freely. When I spin the NS front wheel it spins freely but with a bit of a "rumble", t...MORE
  • Horn push + trafficator switch assembly After 84 years service the steering wheel centre and horn push assembly broke on my 1935 Austin 10/4 Lichfield this morning whilst out on a long distance run. The semaphore/ direction switch just keel...MORE
  • 12/4 Dip Stick During a "Senior Moment" I have lost the Oil Dip Stick for the engine of my 1936 Light 12/3 Ascot. Is there any chance that anyone out there has a spare? I have checked with Club Spares but Rachel doe...MORE
  • Austin 10 spares for I have some Austin 10 spare parts including a fuel tank, headlamps, cam shafts, bumper, fly wheel and spare ring gear. Would someone be interested in buying these from me. Collection only from Somerse...MORE
  • Head Gasket Quite by chance I was given by an elderly gent who was in the process of clearing his garage a Head Gasket for an Austin 10. He couldn't remember where it came from but he thought it came from a car h...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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