• Engine wanted Would like to buy an Austin ten engine, either: 1932 - 33 or 34. Or parts, please. 07729474328
  • Austin 10/4 Engine Disaster struck today. When removing the cylinder head from my Lichfield the number one piston was found to have broken. A piece above the top ring had broken off and damaged the cylinder wall causing...MORE
  • Austin A10/4 door cards hello, just wondering if you can buy replacement door cards or if you have to make them. I am used to working on old VW beetles, which you can buy the door cards straight off the shelf. I don't min...MORE
  • Hello users Hello everyone. I am new user of this forum :). I am from Hungary and my language is poor :). Thanks
  • Free book about Austin 10 A massive clear-out occasioned by a house move has come up with "The book of the Austin 10, standard models from 1932 to 1947" published in Pitman's Motorist's Library series. I no longer have my Aus...MORE
  • 1933 Austin 10/4 2 seater plus Dickey Hi. Just wondered if anyone could help me find the owner of this care please. I purchased the car in 1958 and had it for several years and thought a chat with the current owner would be interesting fo...MORE
  • Spring Shackle Pins and Bushes Are there any tricks to replacing the silent block bushes front and rear on my 1932 Austin 10. Seems like it's never been done on this car before - original but perished rubber bushes. Thanks
  • OD 5617 I am a member and owner of a Clifton Sports, OD 5822. A friend's father owned OD 5617. Does anyone know of its whereabouts please? Many thanks, Brian Bowman
  • 34 10/4 steering drop arm I have 1934 Colwyn, the steering wheel has about 5/8 free play rotation on the straight ahead position, am I correct in thinking, remove the drop arm, rotate the steering wheel 180deg, refit the dro...MORE
  • Headlining Can anyone tell me what kind of material was used for headlining on 1934 Austins? Vinyl,Cloth, Felt ? I am restoring a Kempton and have no original linings.

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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