• Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787 I was a member of the ATDC in the 1980s and early 1990s when I owned a 1934 10/4, 2 door, pram hood-ironed Cabriolet. Dark blue over black. Blue leather interior. It was from the Inverness area origin...MORE
  • 1934 Austin 10 Door Window Rubbers Hi, Can anyone suggest where to buy replacement rubbers for the door windows on a 1934 Austin 10. Thanks Gary
  • Outside Dimensions? I'd like to buy an Austin 10 in the medium term future, and as I'm about to buy a new garage door, I'd like to make sure an Austin 10 will fit under it. But I'm finding it hard to see dimensions liste...MORE
  • Taking Your Austin Abroad In past years the News page of this website has carried a spoof piece of News on April First. This year I have not attempted this because the real news is beyond parody. Today's News piece recommendi...MORE
  • Austin 12/6 Ascot Hello I am based in the South Yorkshire Area and i own a 12/6 Ascot which is currently not running. I am wanting to find someone to help me repair the care or take it on to repair for me. Please c...MORE
  • austin a10/4 seats hello, i am currently re-upholstering a set of seats. upon strip down the springs are broken and need replacing. they seem to be different sizes. Can you tell me what sizes they are supposed to be ple...MORE
  • cylinder head in what engine no were oval water ways introduced
  • cylinder head I need a 1933 head with oval holes to match the blockv
  • Crankshaft dimensions A friend is rebuilding his 1932/3 Austin ten engine, he and I have some doubt regarding the original sizes of the big end journals, ie width and diameter. Also the main bearing ends of the crankshaft....MORE
  • Gearbox rebuild Has anyone had a gearbox rebuilt> Looking for someone who has or can do these.

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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