Green Card to Drive Abroad

27 April 2021

Documents For Driving Abroad

From 1st January 2021

Following Brexit it is once again necessary to have a Green Card to prove insurance cover to drive in Europe. Those using the Club Insurance Scheme may apply in advance of travel to obtain a free Green Card from RH Specialist Insurance. RH advice on what is required and how to obtain it is on their website under Brexit Green Cards   

Gov UK Advice

Other documents you will need include your V5C and photo Driving Licence. Check the Gov UK site for requirements.

Driving Licence

Make sure your UK driving licence is up-to-date.  Under covid regulations renewal dates for some licences have been extended automatically for 11 months. But if you intend to drive abroad this extension is not valid there and you will need to apply for a new licence


Green Card to Drive Abroad
Post Brexit additonal documents are required to dr…

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