Advice For Event Organisers

02 March 2019

Information & Guide to Event Organisers

Advice and guidance for organisers of ATDC events and the documents including risk assessment to be completed to enable organisers to be covered by the Club public liability policy is available online from the Home page of this site under the "Organising an Event?" link.


Those reading the March magazine and the Annual Report it contains will have seen the appeal by the Events Secretary and Editor for advance information about events on behalf of the Club organised by local regions and members.  Advance notice is necessary not only for informing members via the magazine or website events diaries but also to ensure that organisers are covered by the Club's public liability insurance.   

What Required?

Complete an Events Information Form - which includes a risk assessment on its second page -  and send it to the Events Secretary at the address or email shown in the magazine.   The form can be downloaded from this site from the link on the Home page labelled "Organising and Event?"  There is also a guidance flow chart to assist in completing the form.

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