VSCC Finding Your Way

13 November 2020

Finding Your Way

The Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) guide for rally navigators "Finding Your Way" is now available for ATDC members to download from this website. 

At first sight the guide may appear daunting but it covers both basic and advanced techniques so can be useful for any type of event from navigation scatter runs to 12-car night rallies, including time-scheduled and regularity runs. It contains comprehensive and detail advice on techniques and tricks of the trade used in navigation rallies including use of maps, marking up of routes, understanding route instructions, managing time schedules, and teamwork with your driver. It can even be used for table-top rallies. 

Advice includes how to decipher instructions such as herringbones, tulips, grid-references, grid-squares, spot-heights, and quickly plot the route on the map. It has useful advice on timekeeping. Although old car events do not require high speeds  keeping to a schedule is important - points may be lost for arriving too early as well as late. In some events there may be a need to keep moving whilst still marking up the route - a technique known as "plot and bash". Or to skip part of the route so as not to lose too much time - "cut and run".

Where to Find It

Login to Members Area and go to Documents / Technical Documents / VSCC Finding Your Way






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